• Jmurph

    #1 I wish my boyfriend would wear that face too😉

    • SadeShadz


  • meeeee

    #19 That is a really good look. The lighter pants make it dressy but not tooooo fancy:)

  • Lisa H.

    I got so excited when I saw the first two pics were Henry Cavill and then was a little sad when the rest weren't, haha! I love him. Anybody know who the guy is in #6?? He's gorgeous!! Also, #14 YES!!! Pleeeeeease can we get an all Donald Glover post?! He's super sexy and super talented and wonderful.

    • Tara B

      #6 is Matt Bomer. He's the main character in the USA show White Collar right now. He also had a small recurring role on Chuck and made a guest appearance in this week's episode of Glee!

      • tomato

        whatt?? did not know that! good thing i DVDed it. does he sing too?

    • Candice

      #6 is Matt Bomer

    • machiavelli

      #6 also wouldn't be into you unless you had a Y chromosome. he came out a little while ago.

  • Stacie

    Stuff I wished my boyfriend would wear……if I had a boyfriend….

    • avreno

      You'll find someone, just keep swimming =)

  • Jess

    Love Donald Glover!! He is amazingly talented agree we need a all Donald Glover post!!:)

  • Art

    #25 Creepy looking bugger.

  • Alex

    Why do girls want guys to look like muppets in ill fitting clothes?

    • machiavelli

      this edition actually wasn't too bad. some of the crap they wear in the others is ridiculous

  • Bobby

    All most girls want is effort. What we wear is beside the point.

  • tomato

    #1 #2 or just be my boyfriend

  • rocklesson86

    #20 I saw a guy wear that with shorts and tee. It looked good. I would want my future bf to attempt to have some style instead just throwing on whatever.

  • lucy

    #1 #2 Henry Cavil is fucking cute

  • lmr1087

    #9 Shiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Arwen

    I love a guy with style, but it needs to be subtle. I really hope my boyfriend never wears these: #4 #20 #25

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