Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY: Smiling Edition! (71 photos)

Look at all these amazing smiles! We can't make this post without you guys. Chivers, thanks for paying back your Chivettes... they are loving you! Ladies, send in pics of your man. The more creative the better. BERRY signs are major bonus points. Have a great weekend.
UPLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: Click SUBMIT or mail yours to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com.
theBERRY crew: Emily, Megan & Alex
p.s. Megan and I are going to be at Indiana University with theCHIVE crew for Chive Five this weekend. We're kicking off Little 500 week on campus. It's only fitting because Megan and I (and our bro Leo over at theCHIVE) went to IU! Swing by and say hi.

Click SUBMIT or mail pics to theberrysubmit[at]


Click HERE to see this week’s HMOTB of the Week… and click HERE to last week’s round of real hotties!

  • rachel

    #37, i need more. hope you're single and canadian:)

    • SammyWammy

      Please be single and from the Northeast! haha!

  • Jessica

    #66 ad # 70 are adorable!!

  • laci

    number 68 looks like he'd be fun to have a beer with(or two!):)

  • Monica


    • Kipp


  • Matisse

    Whats wrong with his head? #38

  • lol_kat

    #1 wanna go on an adventure? you are adorable.

  • girltasticTO

    Find #53 !!!

  • Erica

    #53 MOAR! What a babe! Thanks CHivers for the payback.❤ a redhead

  • sarah

    #26!! Dibs!

    • Jen

      yea, this is an awesome picture.

  • Whiskey

    Look at the sexy smirk on #65!

  • lovelee_1

    #18 – just wow!

  • lewoo3

    #53 – those eyes. Where are you with those beautiful eyes!

  • Cierra

    #24 big bro❤

  • M_13
  • SuperGirl

    is it just me or does #9 look sorta like Jake Gyllenhaal? Love❤

  • Srsly? :/

    In comparison to what the chivettes do you guys are tame at best…

    I am disappoint.

  • rocklesson86

    #15 #42 #46 #53 #58 They are hot and have really nice smiles.

  • Gaby

    #70 MOARRRRR

  • MsAnonymous

    Keep em coming

  • Alex

    #33 -isn't that Gary Sinise
    and #52 looks similar to Danny Pino!

    Hey! danny Pino should make it on Eye Candy!!
    just a suggestion!

  • Malicious

    Thank You 12, 46, 58 made my day a whole lot better:-)

  • Some Girl

    #18 Gosh… so cute.

  • Jessie

    I lost track of about an hour of my life staring at #53 find himmmmm

  • Amanda

    #8 and #53 I'm at a loss for words! You are both absolutely adorable(:

  • melanie

    #51 & #56 ;-))

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