• Beena

    #16 #21
    I overloaded with all the awesome there.
    #16 is my all time fav childhood movie, they Rock and Bay sucks!
    #21 is my total swoon moment ^_^ I thought that it was so romantic

    • Lisa H.

      What is #21 from?? Looks super romantic and lovely!!

      • Jaz

        I think it's from the movie he's just not that into you.

      • B. Davs

        He's Just Not That Into You, it's a really good movie (I think)

  • http://whosbig.com/ Mickey Talbert

    It seems the trash-talking Spurrier of old might be back.

  • dair

    #15 Should be of Blair and Dan. I just can't support a relationship that consists of a boy who traded his girl for a hotel. Dan makes her laugh, Chuck makes her cry.

  • Shan Mon

    #19 My love for this movie will never die!

  • berry girl

    So many good ones, I can't decide!!!

  • Sarah

    #35 This is such a lovely photo

  • thaomeow

    I used to think they should be together (#23) but then he came along (#38)… haha.

  • Lisa

    #38 Seriously my new favorite show. I want to live with them so bad it's kind of sad actually.

  • http://theberry.com/2012/04/13/hmm-tv-shows-or-movies-f-it-both-40-photos/celeb-pics-5-3/ CaneGirl

    Can someone please tell me what #5 is from?

    • tan

      Grey's Anatomy:)

  • LucretiusCarus

    #20 Damn, Barbara Eden was hot.

    #22 Kudos to you, Shia LaBeouf, for being able to trick all the world into believing you can act. Well played.

  • Lisa H.

    Loved this post!!! What movie is #21 from?? SO romantic! #23 Looooooove that movie so much! #33 is still my all time favourite show for sure and #37 is one my very favourite movies!

  • meeeee

    More posts like this please!!!! LOVE #28 and #37

  • Jareka


    • Anth

      Who's the girl?

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  • spatula

    #25 Gilmore girls is the best tv show ever (in my humble opinion)

  • Kat

    #30!! one of my favorite 90s movies!

  • Katie

    #38 tried out "true american" tonight. best game ever!

  • https://www.myloan.co.uk/ Evie Oglesby

    Hmm TV shows or movies? F-it. Both.

  • dianetprz

    #5 & #10 I LOVE GREYS ANATOMY!!!!

  • Adhe

    Oh I know! Today is rainy rainy here, but most days my kids are outside ralely soon after waking up. I’ve been sleeping with my window opened a crack too so me and Lake wake up a little earlier too. I LOVE it!:)Lisa

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