• Betsy

    Must have #4❤

  • Peeds

    #6 Even more of a hottie!!!

  • http://redbeardbrewer.com truestory

    #38 it may be illegal but i am going to start putting inspirational statements on on my money. thanks Berry!

  • sissyUare

    #38 I hate your SISSY handwriting. It makes the money ugly. yuck, p.u.

  • gabby

    the picture of the dollar bills with "you're beautiful" written on them reminded me of when my friend and I wrote the same thing on a bunch of dollar bills. then I realized the hand writing is the EXACT same as ours! it's a small world after all:)

  • http://www.repairsonwheelsrim.com/ Shayna Malcolm

    So beautiful sharing!Thank you very much.Best wishes!Your article is very good!

  • avreno

    Hottest thing I've read all day😉

  • courtney g

    do you know where you can buy that vanity table/set? picture number 4?

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