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    Their communications, adapting to a new marketing approach through more visual content and storytelling, and why not, what to do with Tabs.

  • Beena

    I sooo want to try this now, Awesome

  • JOHN

    #11 actually a good idea. I would put in extra effort, though *ahem* it has never been an issue (deepens voice, cracks knuckles, adjusts crotch)

    • Savannah

      Lol you made me laugh. High five.

  • lozza

    #1 If you're not into the sport, just say so. You don't have to pretend to like the same things your bloke does.

  • Shan Mon

    I will die if one of my secrets gets posted here!

  • JCool

    #3 My cat always "rolls her eyes" when she sees my with a facial mask:-)

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    […] We’ve got 13 secrets for you! […]

  • Jenn

    #9 – I completely agree. And thats what I was like until I met someone in the Forces. Two Tours of Afghanistan later, you will not find a bigger, stronger supporter than me.

    • JamieLHi

      I agree too. I never really comprehended what they did until I joined.

  • ali19xo

    #11 Problem is that i told it to someone who i had already been with.

  • Maribell

    #7looks like Heinz Chapel

    • PA Chivette

      That was going to be MY comment!!! B.S. in Psych, Class of '93…Hail to Pitt!!!😀

  • Anonymous

    #7 keep it going, great fantasy #9 True words #13 I’ll help you!

  • kay

    #10 hahaha oh facebook

  • http://twitter.com/laurentaryn @laurentaryn

    #13 = true parents. I hope they get to adopt her.

  • http://redbeardbrewing.com reality

    today's post secret was more like ideas, or saying rather than an actual secret. #16 i don't like it.

  • thing1

    #11 10 inch hero anyone?

    always thought it was an interesting idea, i may have to try it lol

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    nice post friend thankyou for share

  • kellsbells

    #11 Holy shit!! I've been doing it wrong all these years! That's effing genius! (too late for me now, though, I'm married.)

  • KMD

    #4 So did I….so did I. (Sometimes I still like to pretend)

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  • EMD

    #7 it is sad that a man who feels this way (that marriage is a way to be truly happy) feels that he is one of few to feel like this. It's sad that this isn't a common way of thinking for men

  • CR guy

    #7 You are not alone here..

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