Surprise Mystery Misc. (32 photos)


Wedding trends...

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  • Lola

    another mystery misc? and wedding ideas? don't mind if i do :) I loved ALL of them .

  • @shibsta

    I'm so glad Emily is getting married! With the ideas she post, I can't wait to see her wedding!

  • Lanolin

    Aaaaamazingly beautiful. Just perfect.

  • Oriana

    I am loving all of the wedding ideas that have been posted lately, it's helping to spark some creativity with planning my own :D

  • Arwen

    #15 Gorgeous lighting.
    #16 I am so having a slightly carnival-themed wedding :)

  • LaurenGoMeow

    Loved em all, and #32

  • femalistic

    Starting to get sick of all the wedding stuff. It is not the goal of every girl to get married off and your personal agenda is portraying a confined definition of being female.
    How about some career oriented posts? or anything for a bit of balance.

    • Meeg

      some of us like the wedding posts. they're ultimately about beauty and design. maybe you could just skip them?

  • run312

    #28 LOVE the unique design!

  • Jasmine

    Great ideas…

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