• tami

    kim looks the best out of all of them, her curves are beautiful

  • http://twitter.com/DanaShades @DanaShades

    I love celebs in bikinis, because you see that they have flaws. You can spot things that are not that flattering and feel better about yourself:) (I, in no way, hate anyone pictured above, but I'm very happy to see imperfection)

  • Lisa

    #13 Megan Fox has a really loooooooong torso. Huh.

  • Abbey

    I love how all these celebs are in bathing suits on the beach and most of them aren't even tan !!

    • sleepingchrissy

      Me too!

  • Kimmy

    #11 I saw her in a bikini in Miami Beach once, her gross ass was hanging out all over the place. She's only about 5-1 tall which I didn't expect.

  • Bon_nie

    If black is slimming some of these gals should wear something else as they're already skinny enough!!

  • LoveDawnflower

    they say black is slimming… or they're just slim to begin with.

  • http://twitter.com/GamerKitty84 @GamerKitty84

    uhhg…I gotta get in shape :X

  • tangeria

    #3 maybe just one size up on the bottoms, so your tiny tushie actually fits IN your suit.

  • lucy

    All of these womens body's are perfect, but if I could choose one it would be #13

    • Sara

      No way, she's waaaaaaaay too skinny. That's borderline anorexic thin. Not healthy.

    • rocklesson86

      I would go gay for her.

  • Candice

    #9 is basically my body shape, my stomach is a tiny bit flatter but… it's nice to see someone face rock what I have as well! haha


    would love to see the tan lines from #4 s swimmers😛

  • Arwen

    #18 #20 Winners for me.

    • avreno

      You have excellent taste in ladies =)

  • diamante

    Whenever I see a celeb in a bikini, a small part of me (the one that's still recovering from e.d.) becomes really happy because they don't look perfect at all.
    But not in an evil way:)

  • Kathryn

    #13 What's stuck to her foot…?

    • Trent

      Oh, sweetie

    • Kenny

      She has web toes so has gotta to be a good swimmer!

  • cody

    14 & 17. are the best.

  • patience

    Put an obese woman) in a black swimming-suit and you will see how slimming is the black…pffff…I'm obese and I have tried all the colors concerning swimming suits! There are no color that can make you look slimmer if you are fat…

  • Lizah

    #9 unfortunate looking #14 unfortunate looking when Photoshop isn't there to help

    • http://twitter.com/LFGD1978 @LFGD1978

      #14 was Photoshoped…….. it has all the signs of an airbrush picture.

    • Carina

      Neither of them are unfortunate looking, Captain Negative.

  • diamante

    who's #12?

    • Heather

      maria menounos

  • rocklesson86

    I would got gay for #13. Love Megan Fox.

  • xoxo

    #20 most perfect body ever

  • Angie

    It looks like she's about to snap in half. And I think she's had one too many tummy tucks. Where's her belly button!?

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