They say black is slimming (20 photos)


Click HERE to see celebrities with PINK bikinis.


Megan Resig

Megan Resig is Head of theBERRY, loves to travel, embraces awkward moments, and appreciates anything that has to do female empowerment. She's a sucker for chick-flicks and isn't afraid to admit that her nickname was once meg-a-ton.

  • tami

    kim looks the best out of all of them, her curves are beautiful

  • @DanaShades

    I love celebs in bikinis, because you see that they have flaws. You can spot things that are not that flattering and feel better about yourself :) (I, in no way, hate anyone pictured above, but I'm very happy to see imperfection)

  • Lisa

    #13 Megan Fox has a really loooooooong torso. Huh.

  • Abbey

    I love how all these celebs are in bathing suits on the beach and most of them aren't even tan !!

    • sleepingchrissy

      Me too!

  • Kimmy

    #11 I saw her in a bikini in Miami Beach once, her gross ass was hanging out all over the place. She's only about 5-1 tall which I didn't expect.

  • Bon_nie

    If black is slimming some of these gals should wear something else as they're already skinny enough!!

  • LoveDawnflower

    they say black is slimming… or they're just slim to begin with.

  • @GamerKitty84

    uhhg…I gotta get in shape :X

  • tangeria

    #3 maybe just one size up on the bottoms, so your tiny tushie actually fits IN your suit.

  • lucy

    All of these womens body's are perfect, but if I could choose one it would be #13

    • Sara

      No way, she's waaaaaaaay too skinny. That's borderline anorexic thin. Not healthy.

    • rocklesson86

      I would go gay for her.

  • Candice

    #9 is basically my body shape, my stomach is a tiny bit flatter but… it's nice to see someone face rock what I have as well! haha


    would love to see the tan lines from #4 s swimmers :P

  • Arwen

    #18 #20 Winners for me.

    • avreno

      You have excellent taste in ladies =)

  • diamante

    Whenever I see a celeb in a bikini, a small part of me (the one that's still recovering from e.d.) becomes really happy because they don't look perfect at all.
    But not in an evil way :)

  • Kathryn

    #13 What's stuck to her foot…?

    • Trent

      Oh, sweetie

    • Kenny

      She has web toes so has gotta to be a good swimmer!

  • cody

    14 & 17. are the best.

  • patience

    Put an obese woman) in a black swimming-suit and you will see how slimming is the black…pffff…I'm obese and I have tried all the colors concerning swimming suits! There are no color that can make you look slimmer if you are fat…

  • Lizah

    #9 unfortunate looking #14 unfortunate looking when Photoshop isn't there to help

    • @LFGD1978

      #14 was Photoshoped…….. it has all the signs of an airbrush picture.

    • Carina

      Neither of them are unfortunate looking, Captain Negative.

  • diamante

    who's #12?

    • Heather

      maria menounos

  • rocklesson86

    I would got gay for #13. Love Megan Fox.

  • xoxo

    #20 most perfect body ever

  • Angie

    It looks like she's about to snap in half. And I think she's had one too many tummy tucks. Where's her belly button!?

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