• alex

    Going to the postsecret event tonight in Fayetteville….so excited:)

  • savannah

    I read them religiously every Sunday for the past five years.

  • bekah

    33 photos? I only see 14…

  • bluenotebetty

    #9 is amazing! I wish it could have been that easy for me.

  • JOHN

    #12 According to that organization, I am… and you shouldn't.

    • JOHN

      …Unless of course you murdered your family and that is how you inherited your money

  • Cowboy1354

    #7 It does…….but why don't you learn how? If he's older learn together.

  • Beena

    Sooo Giddy that there is an extra post secret this week ^_^

  • Stephanie

    #11 i had the same feeling!! and now i'm expecting!!

  • Bon_nie

    #9 is very cool!
    #11 not so much😦

  • isitsummeryet?

    oh, #4 do you think you really needed to add the PS I'm a Guy?? I don't think anyone at work would be shocked and amazed by a girl wearing a bra.

    And #11 is some bullshit too. I hope it doesn't ruin her life, but it definitely could – that's devious.

  • Viv


  • Shanda

    #11 what an effin BITCH!!

  • Tag-You're It

    #9 So fortunate to have that kind of acceptance and love. My mother would rather see me die old and lonely, never to be in love or loved by another woman, than to accept that I'm a lesbian. I think in her mind that would be my ''punishment'' for being gay. One day I will have to choose…my mother or a life with the woman I love because she will disown me if I started living with a woman and commit my life to her.

  • SadeShadz

    #11 You go girl! ^_^
    Where are the other pics??

  • Tdawg

    #2 I'm scared no one will like me

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