• Seldi84

    #20 #21 Only in Japan.

    • JMO

      Yeah pretty sure that's in China or Taiwan.

      • mal

        Actually I think it's in Hong Kong, I know people who've been there!

  • alex

    Looks like my car😉

  • Kristina

    #24 IS at Disney…..and kuddos for shaving old school Mickey.

  • baylee

    #12 is finn and jake from adventure time. that's pretty awesome, although maybe not as a tattoo…

  • Haleah

    #7 No… Just no.

    • ceej

      I keep cringing as it loops over and over.. ow

  • remix_

    #26 interesting, I might just have to try that

    • chrisc

      You can design your own pringles can on their website… wonder if this is a by product.

  • doerte

    #28 is adorable.

    • Bon_nie

      And actually a really good/neat job!

      • SadeShadz


  • http://www.booksie.com/bouncearound BounceAround

    #25 – would they seriously do that at Walmart?
    I asked my little sister to look at #10 and she literally asked me what was wrong with the photo. I had to smack her face lightly to remind her that it was a flamingo. Poor girl.

  • April C.

    #25 Deal of the century!

    • stevenfbrackett

      I regularly see items marked as "on Sale", "Special Value" or some such and when you look at the price sign the big advert sign is covering – they are the same price, just written a different way. As in – items that sell for $2.50 are now "On Sale" at 2/$5! Yippee!!

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #19 Is it time to stop typing the word fail on pictures? It adds nothing that isn't already obvious. If it's not obvious, it won't make it so. Probably just me, but I want the picture to speak for itself.

  • stevenfbrackett

    #16 is not a fail unless the the book isn't meant for children. For children it is just fine because they ask questions like that.

    • Elza

      to people in a forum held in Jaffna that If piocle powers are given to Tamil province now It will act as another para military. But what I commented was seriously criticized. The bloody elitist scoundrel living in Europe and USA wish to make another fight in Sri Lanka. Because their children will be never affected .Do you agree or not?Regards,Bharthipan

  • Leonel_LyL

    #18 Oh Lexi, you so silly.

  • Paige

    #17 is the best game ever!

  • http://www.videoconverterfactory.com Neo

    #28 i am the super man

  • Shan Mon

    #29 Please refer to #19

  • SadeShadz

    #12 WIN!
    #22 Is he that good?? *_* I mean I like 'Cinema' but seriously?

  • Poke4Life

    #28 is actually pretty impressive…

  • http://cashado.com/ Thomas

    theBERRY will make you smile BIG.

  • Koji

    Alhamdollilah!! I cannot exrpses how happy I was to see this happening in lil old m’boro This really is the start of something great in the north east inshAllah!! May Allah swt reward all those involved in making this possible, ameen!

  • Pickles

    I fail to see what's wrong with #27. It's a common dessert and has been around for centuries.
    Or are you just childishly laughing at the name…?

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