• lucy

    He's going places!

  • she's a witch!


  • U Loafer

    Pffffffffffffffffffft. Yeah, tha's about the size of it. Get a real job kid. Stop LOAFING

    • Ander

      Ha! He's 14! What kind of job do you want him to have? And with that voice, he'll make more in one afternoon sitting in a sound booth than you will all year.

  • Ander

    Nice! At 14 years old I still sounded like Spongebob Squarepants.

  • Zane

    Very impressing!

  • Kyte

    hahaha thats adorable:)

  • nayala

    seexxxyyyy haha

  • Carro

    Sounds like Duke Nukem! =P

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