Afternoon eye candy: Colton Haynes (29 photos)

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  • doerte

    he could play a younger captain jack harkness.

  • Lisa H.

    Holy shit!!! How have I never heard of this guy?! What is he from?? He's damn gorgeous!!!! Just about died at those freckles and smile at #14!!!!

  • Abbey

    #4 #9 #15 He is hot and has the most chiseled jaw ever !! Sexy !!

  • Sarah

    i hate the person who invented shirts!!!

  • angela

    WHI IS THIS?!?!

  • daisy

    He is SO gay. It is true. He was in gay porn. Google it.

  • Ally

    Isn't he dating Lauren Conrad? so jelly. that man does NOT have a bad angle

  • Maria

    No, he's not dating Lauren Conrad or any other female. He's gay. Several years back he and his boyfriend took photos of them kissing each other for XY Magazine. Some of them are still online.

  • Aviatrix

    Even if he is gay, we can still appreciate the view. Love the freckles. #14

  • SadeShadz

    #17 He's gay? o.0 Ok… very handsome though.

  • canuk

    yesssss knock one up for my team! come to Canada Colton, i'll marry you!

  • mazzie

    reminds me of Corey Haim.

  • sassygurl129

    his eyes are empty

    • D.J.

      Not as empty as your head and a few others posting.

  • rocklesson86

    He is not that good looking.

    • kaylee

      you're one to talk…

  • Holly Molly

    Ugh! Why are all the good ones gay!

    • kaylee

      why are all the gay ones good, is what you should be askin'😉 plus who the hell cares, still hot❤

  • Teen Wolf Fan388

    SHUT UP HE IS NOT GAY HE IS STRAIGHT! In teen wolf he french kissed a female costar. >: (
    And he has a girl friend !

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