• SadeShadz

    #6 WICKED!!!!
    #21 CUTIE PIE! ♥

  • Kari

    #5 … I'm 38 and I still feel that way on the dancefloor sometimes!

  • Jenn

    #2 – my son! He figured out quickly that he couldn't crawl AND carry his toys at the same time!

    • Christy


  • Niki

    Anyone else think that #9 looks like a young Sheldon Cooper?

  • Amy

    #11 makes my heart melt!

  • Kcco

    Number 27. First thing- Bazinga!! Then awwwww (:

  • Linda

    Heather Acunto – Bianca, I cannot even put into words how happy we are with your work. these pictrues are going to be something that not only jon and i but our families are going to cherish forever!!!! not only did these pictrues come out incredibly beautiful but you were able to literally capture in a photograph the love and emotion that Jon and I have for eachother. anyone can snap a camera and take a picture but capturing that feeling and emotion takes pure talent- something you CLEARLY possess. thank you for not only being a friend but also being one of the most instrumental pieces in our engagement and upcoming wedding. we love you, we love you, we love you!!!

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