• Shan Mon

    OMG If I could get all the money back that I spent on these magazines, I'd prob be able to put a down payments on a car. I remember every single *Nsync poster on here and they were all plastered to my bed room walls / ceiling. #40 SWOON TOWN….still.

  • Lisa

    dear lord the 90s was a rough decade

  • Amy

    This makes me question my sanity in the 90s….! AH! hahaha

  • Lynne

    I still love NSYNC…will blast it in my car and sing so loud! Lance will always have my heart even though he's gay!:)

  • Mani

    90's without Take That? Why Berry?

  • Theresa

    #30 why hello

  • Cleo

    What? No 5ive?

  • FlyGrl08

    I remember having just about everyone of these pictures on my wall when I was 13…lol

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  • Brittany

    bahahaha these pictures are hilarious! i think nsync takes the cake, though…

  • mandy

    Eww N'Sync Backstreet Boys were so much better.

  • Kimberly

    #40 was ALWAYS a fave of mine when I was young… if only I knew the things I could do to JT then that I do now!

  • Meeg

    I have SUCH an issue with JT's powder-blue velour short-sleeved turtleneck.

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