• Life as Mia

    Haha awesome, my boyfriend has no sence of style, I am lucky if I can find a t-shirt he likes at all, and he hates when I take him shopping.😉 So I really get your point…. Awesome blog!

  • April C.

    #22 No. This trend irritates me so much!!!!!!

    • 1madhatter

      me too, I dislike flat billed hats with stickers.

    • Art

      The most ridiculous thing to wear!

    • machiavelli

      I just hate Boston. Actually I hate people who jumped on the Boston bandwagon when they stoped sucking and are such "die hard fans". please.

  • meeeee

    I love the cozy sweaters!! #1 #7 I just wanna snuggle up on them:) Oh and guys in suits are pretty nice too.

  • karly

    #22 Ugghhhh! NO! But #30 Yes, definitely!

  • Amy

    #16 what is this face he making? don't like.

    Also, no to pink pants on men #23

    • punkin

      agree I don't want my man to wear more pink than me….ever.

  • MOAR

    #23 that would be a tough sell on any guy not living in the south. Everything else is very doable. — Chiver.

    • wgk

      feel like i'm looking one of my old fraternity social pictures….damn i miss college

  • Betsy

    What's with the face???
    Not attractive at all…

  • Sophia

    lol couldn't stop laughing when I saw #30. Awesome outfits! Now to find a boy that dresses like this…

  • Brad

    The slacks in #3 are sweet. No on #22, that is ridiculous. #30 is true.

  • BobbyKong

    I don't know too many guys that would have any issue at all wearing any of this honestly. It's the time/patience it takes to actually shop for all this shit that really turns us away from it. If I'm in a changing room more than 3 times….I'm annoyed.

  • Alexis

    Where do you buy a sweater like #1?

    • http://www.markmushakian.com Mark

      I would also like to know. Old Navy had an okay red version this year that I saw online but wasn't able to buy before they disappeared. I'm very keen on finding one for just around the house, and I'm in school studying to be an elementary school teacher, so cheap is good:) Hopefully Old Navy brings theirs back this next season for both of us.. but this one looks great.

  • SadeShadz

    #23 A pink shirt is fine, but pants? No!!

    • Art

      Glad to see a woman write thst

  • Kenny

    #22 Never ever ever!!!

  • irl

    #30 – rolling up the pant cuffs? See, it IS possible to fuck it up.

    Also – #24, #27, #28 – where's the flood?

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