Aww.. such a cute bromance (18 photos)

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  • monica

    #18 greatest bromance ever

    • PokemonTrainer26

      Agree !!! …:)

    • greendalecc

      You must not watch Community because Troy and Abed are easily taking them over. #13

      • monica

        tu shay…I'll give you that, still just a J.D. and Turk fan at heart

        • Names


      • maria

        clearly you dont watch scrubs! no comparison

    • tsukushi_

      " It's Guy Love… It's guy love!! " lol, love Scrubs

  • Candice

    #1 was my favorite!!

  • hayley

    #13 is my favorite! and i'll always love #6

  • teekay

    #18 best ever
    #1 2nd best !

    • Karen


  • sidekickk

    #9 i wouldn't necessarily call this a bromance..

  • Dani

    as i was scrolling i was ALMOST worried you'd forget #18 truly the greatest Bromance of all!

  • SadeShadz

    #18 I'm the only one clueless of their awesome bromance😦 Now I wanna watch the show!

    • SomeGirl

      You absolutely need to!! It's seriously hilarious and their bromance is the best part, honestly.

  • Carolyn

    i almost started freaking out cause i thought that you guys didn't include turk and jd!!

  • bryan

    #6 its difficult to associate the word "great" with this show

  • Katherine

    Ah, you missed all the Criminal Minds bromances!

    • Jade

      TOTALLY agree!!!❤

  • Kitty

    What about Perfect Strangers?!!

  • beauty&braids

    and what about larry stylinson??

  • Paulina

    Happy endings is hilarious!

  • stevenfbrackett

    There has never been bromances like those of Jim & Blair in "The Sentinel" or Fraser & Ray (& Ray) in Due South.

  • Bren

    Where are Ted, Marshall and Barney from HIMYM?😦

  • Ghostly_Jen

    Dennis and Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia for sure.

  • Stevie

    #2 and #18!! Both are stupidly funny and cute

  • middaycaller

    may fav too #2 #18

    • Rey

      //ஒர ப ண ண ச ல ல ச ச சரத க ம ர ‘ன ன .. எனக க பயங கர ஷ க க .. எப பட ங க இத ..? அட த த அந தப ப ண ண க ட ட சரத க ம ர ஏன ப ட க க த ‘ன ன க ட ட அவர நல ல பண ண வ ர ‘ன ன ச ச .. சரத நல ல ப பண ண வ ர ம . எனக க த த ங க ம ட யல.//athaane atha saraththoda mnunaal manaiviyo, radhigaavothaane solla mudiyum eppadi intha ponnu solluchchi. Something somewhere wrong.

  • Arwen

    #6 #7 #9 Favourites.

  • tabitha

    #14 and #18 are my favorites! i can decide which i like better!

  • Paige

    #15 and #18.
    Best bromances of all time

  • Cecily

    …but where's Ryan & Esposito from Castle?

  • SomeGirl

    #13 Troy and Abed in the moooorning!

  • Chrisjozo

    Turk and J.D. should be first. 2nd should be Cory and Shawn, 3rd should be Shawn and Gus. 4th should be Lenny and Carl. 5th should be Chuck and Morgan.

  • ggy

    why the hell would Turk and JD be all the way at #18? this is just a horrible list

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