BERRY hot men: Shirtless friday (31 photos)


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  • TB.Chivette

    #19 #20 love the beards and chest hair Soooo…… sexy

  • VeryVee

    #17 & #20… Very nice!

  • PokemonTrainer26

    #8 #24 #34 … where do i order them :)

    • PokemonTrainer26

      #30 XD not 34

  • michelle

    Hubba Hubba I love Fridays.

  • annerocious

    God I love shirtless Friday, especially with a little chest hair! Thanks, Berry

  • Hazel

    It's official – I am old. Not a single one of these men did anything for me and I was trying to figure out why – it's because they were all too young looking for my taste. OMG – when did that happen? Bring on the Clooneys and Robert Downy Jr's – now those men get me sliding off my seat!

    • @DanaShades

      I agree, but for me it's the not the age, it's maybe the muscles and… something, I don't know. I like HMOTB more, natural and cute guys :) I get where you're coming from with the age thing. Young and cute doesn't really do it for me either, though I'm already/only 23. I'm still trying to decide whether I should have a midlif crisis or not… =/

    • Shine

      GIRRL! i was just coming to post that same thing. It's all babies!

  • SkyeMontreal

    Woohoo! #6, #8, #18…time to daydream!

  • msmu

    #19 is a gay porn star. still sexy though.

    • XOXO

      I have a feeling a lot of these guys are gay.

      • Jennifer

        Who cares… they're still crazy hot :-) Especially #19!

  • robyn

    Ooohh, #6 and #7

  • sassy.louie

    #12 #13 #31 Male perfection…. shirtless friday makes me drool

  • loyalchivette

    more tattoo guys!! more tattoos!!

  • KAnakmuayfarang

    I'm having a horrendous morning so I'd like #13 to be sent to me for medical destressing purproses, please. Or at least a name so I can continue to dream.

  • Alexis

    this man are making me drool #12 # 11 #7 #6 #10 #3 #17 #4

  • Kim

    #13. Hot hot hot!!!! By far one the the sexiest men I have ever seen. I think I just fell in love :)

  • Liir

    #10 and #16….Oh yeah!!!! No wonder I like Fridays so much.

  • Stevie

    All the things that I am thankful for: My mom, my berry, my berry sisers, shirtless Fridays, my cat, chocolate and #9 #13 #25 #29!! Thank you berry!

  • Balorati

    Let's have more real shirtless men! Too many perfectly coiffed models.

  • Carly

    Oh lawd, it is getting mighty warm in here

  • hot and hairy

    Always good to see shirtless hot guys with some hair – such a tiyurn on , need to see more of these “real” men – therefore thought 19 was the hottest, followed by 20

  • StarznSkullz

    #18 YES I'll have a pillow fight with you!!

  • rocklesson86

    I love shirtless Fridays.

  • SugarSkull

    #17 Oh wow he's gorgeous!! Find him!!!

  • SomeGirl

    LOVE #29! That smile is gorgeous!!

  • Theresa

    #17 BAM! Pregnant

  • Antidoll

    #7 OMG!!! Perfection <3

  • @ItsRandiBitches

    #17 FIND HIM!!!!

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