• StarznSkullz

    #51 I want I want!!!!! Were stencils used? Or just totally awesome free hand art?

  • KCCO

    Number 12 scares me every time I see it

  • jen

    The moment when you realize the mess in the back ground….

  • Anonymous

    I've been watching #52 on netflix nonstop instead of studying for finals. FML

  • Emm422


    What a beautiful face. Want.

  • remix_

    #44 Damn girl! you look great!

  • mandy

    #44 You go girl.

  • Kari

    #27 Revolutionary Road… that movie was heartbreaking. #45 I'm having a faint memory but I can't quite grab it… I feel like I had these as a kid??

    • BombTronBecky


  • iloveserjtankian

    #44 – You look marvelous!!! Step away from the tanning bed though!!! You'll look old before your time & people won't notice how hard you've worked for a smokin' body!!

  • elaise

    #33 – Where is that??

  • Esotericchuck

    #26 They all have such great smiles. Well done.

  • Mdot

    #43 Omg like a baby in the thrater. thinking why the fuck is this do sad!! i brought my child to see this.

  • Caroline

    #44 why cant we see your face?. Your body might be like a models but how has your face changed ? You were stunning with the weight on ……..

    • Jen

      but she's healthier and probably more happy and more confident! you GO GIRL!

  • ahootandahalf

    Berry, please find #14, this rock climbing beauty.

    • Theresa

      I second that

  • Kaylee

    Find rock climber guy in picture 14!!!

  • justme

    wow- what did #44 do?
    and I LOVE #51 – thanks for the detailed pics! do you have any stencils to share PLEEEEASE? :))

  • Rawhide lady

    #57 yeah, you really shouldn't use a rope catch halter with that kind of cross tie… You ought to get the break-away clips… Beautiful horse though

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