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    @theberrydotcom aww the beautiful ad video is so sweet…lots of love for mum's (& dad's)!

  • Vivi

    One of the most wonderful ads:) For the best people in the world:)
    Every time i watch it, those damn ninjas start cutting onions :`)

  • PDJ

    I had to punch a wall in my office to fell more manlier … damn you Berry for making me cry at work.

    Great ad.

    – A Chiver in Calgary.

    P.S. Cheers to all the mom's out there…. toughest job around.

  • Carolyn

    that definitely made me tear up. so well done.

  • mika

    not so beautiful at all.
    …where are dads? you think it's ok, that they show up at the end, just sitting and enjoying success of their kids? they should be part of it too.

    • mommoo

      I agree! Moms have to do all the grunt work while the kids work for their dreams? What about moms' dreams? Can't dads do laundry too? Kids need to learn basic life skills by doing them.

      Just another example of idealized motherhood that implies a mother must out her wants and needs on the back burner while the rest of the family goes out and lives their lives. This does not make me want to buy P&G products!

  • nayala

    oh my goodness that just made me cry. love my mommyy!

  • Couture86

    Why all the negativity?? There is a whole separate ad that Gillette put out just for dads! I guess some people can't see the beauty and emotion behind this. It's saying motherhood is the toughest job and thanking them for doing it! I'm a mom and I appreciated it!

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