BERRIES have the best jewelry (78 photos)

This is GREAT. We cannot thank you enough for sending in your jewelry! We love that Berries can come together and make such a trendy post. Also, don't hesitate to keep sending in your favorite accessories. Every Tuesday I have an 'Accessorize yourself with awesome' post and I'd love to incorporate more berry submits!

Berry love,


PS: Please don't forget to send in your stylish heels for Wednesday's famous 'All heels report to my closet immediately.'

Click HERE to see last week’s berry sumbits!

  • Nicole Sheridan

    #33 What a beautiful ring she has, absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!

  • Angie

    I'm #59! Thanks for making work a little less boring! I love all the jewelry pics!

  • misslyon

    So many recently engaged ladies! Congrats! I wish I'd seen the submission post–I would have sent in my engagement ring that's nearly 3 months old.:)

  • Shabree

    I have #44! I LOVE that ring!

  • JessieBelle

    #15 is me! woohoo! Not jewelry, per say! But I call it my foot jewelry! :)

  • OhYouKnow

    Wow, great accessories! So real. I've been inspired. Esp loved the antique-y rings.

  •,6 Pamela (z13thstar) | Pearltrees

    […] Berries Sending In Their Own Accessories : theBERRY […]

  • linsey

    Glad to see there are other berries out there who wear heirloom jewelry!!! people always ask me about mine, because they're so unique, but i've never met anyone who wore their grandmothers' rings too:) #26 #50 #57 #58 #63 and #69 !😀❤

  • JaneLane

    I lost my engagement ring last week, on the day of our second anniversary😦 I know that is has to be somewhere at home, but I just haven't found it (even though we have searched and searched). Our wedding is on May, so I have to find it before that at least! I just feel so naked (for a lack of a better word) without my ring :(((

  • Kristmas

    I absolutely love #8 and #63! Such great pieces:)

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