Accessorize yourself with awesome (37 photos)

Hey Berries!

Do you have any awesome accessories? Snap a picture of your favorite rings/purses/bracelets/earrings and send them to theBERRYpics[at]



Click HERE to see yesterday’s post of jewelry pics from BERRIES!

  • kapusta

    # 9 is amazing! Lucky girl.
    Didn't know Michael Kors watches are such a big deal in the states.

    • kapusta


  • Gemma

    #30 is beautiful

  • Anna

    Where could i get #1? and number 9?

  • kericorrow

    #32 I have the exact same ring I found at an estate sale. I love it!

  • Liarliarpantsonfire

    #32 I have the EXACT same ring which is massed produced (probably not by her grandpa) & sold across the states for a whopping $12. I call bull on the whole grandpa story.

    • leen

      Me Too!

  • Stacie

    #30 "My God, look at that thing….You woulda went straight to the bottom" Jack Dawson lol

  • Kathryn

    #32 I have that ring AND those Sally Hansen nail strips. Twinning? I think yes.

  • Alisha

    Where can I get #1 ?!

  • Alejandra

    #21 I waited two years to get my first gold michael kors watch too. After two days the paint started wearing off. Be careful. I was so disappointed so I returned it. =(

  • Tati

    Anyone know where I can get the shoes in #2?

  • Carro

    Love #4 #6 #26 Owls ROCKS!!!

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