• Tara

    The baby and the ballerina photo rocks my world

  • ExLondonerin

    #26 Shades of Napoleon Dynamite there…😉

  • MariaSky100

    #4 Alf! I loved that guy…

  • http://shellzmarie.blogspot.com/ Shelley

    Haha #22 is ME! Hooray!

    • socalmarti

      Looks like I do now!!! LOL!!!!

    • ASDH

      Sooooo Cute!! gave me a heart laugh

  • Lisa H.

    #1 The more I look at it, the funnier it gets!! You rock, random dude!

    • Scott

      Thanks Lisa, glad you like it😀

  • Lynne

    These are all precious and made me smile! Thanks Berry!

  • Olivia

    OH MY GOSH who submitted number 2!?!? That's from a very small theme park in my hometown that my great-great uncle co-founded!!! Santa's Workshop! I'd recognize that hat and wand anywhere, I have the same ones!

    • sarah

      Lol, that was me. I went there in 1988 and loved it! That's awesome you know it.

      In the next picture down I'm wearing my Santa's Workshop tshirt.

  • Marka

    #20 reminds me of the little rascals…

  • Jen

    #8, love your pic. i recently just lost my Pap, too.😦

  • Lisette Cuevas

    #9 and #24 are of me and my sister:)

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