• haeddre

    Instructions for #13 ? Oh &… First

    • stonewall_79

      you girls do the first thing too on post LOL

      • haeddre

        Well I followed the Chive for much longer… Learned from the guys lol

    • AFry
      • Haeddre

        OMG I Love you THANK YOU!!! Going to try on my daughters hair as practice!!! I love it… then they just curled the parts that hung down right? It's so soft and pretty!!

  • Abbey

    I wish my hair was as long as all these girls. Grr !!

    • mimiq

      hair extensions

  • http://www.facebook.com/dpuckett23 Daniel_Puckett

    long hair is sexy… take notes.

  • Soda Pop

    Hard to choose…..but I think ima go with #23 for the win.

  • itsashleybro

    #21 is my dream hair. Someday…

  • Sam

    Long hair is not the only kind of pretty hair….variety would be nice!

  • misschris

    #13 So lovely! I would like a how-to. Or just someone to be my stylist and do that for me! 😀

  • TessaRae

    Love all these, however there should be a Pretty Hairstyles for us short haired ladies also:)


    Can we do without Models and Celebs and just have regular Women please? And Thank you!

    • SadeShadz


  • Lisa


    Want. Where was the pic found? Love to see more pics of this style, and color combo.

  • Emm422

    These 'hairs' are pretty, indeed. But please include different hair textures next time?

  • Betsy

    Natural curly hair is pretty pretty pretty too…
    -curly haired girl:)

  • Brett

    I'm way more turned on by this then mind the gap on the chive.

    • Polly

      Amen! Some pics of girls on the chive are so raunchy!

  • brownskynlady

    I love this site and I enjoyed the post. I would like to see some people with hair like me too. I'm Black with a mass of tight curls. Can we make it happen Berry. That would be awesome.

  • SadeShadz

    I love these hairstyles but why are there never instructions!!! >.<

  • mandyfan

    I agreee with brownskynlady. Locs, twists, afros and braids can be "pretty pretty pretty." It'd be nice to see some diversity around here. Especially since I personally believe my hair is my best feature. It's be nice to see someone on this list I can identify with.

  • Jordan

    So glad I didn't chop my hair off but instead decided to grow it out again. So so glad.

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