• TylerG_76

    #31 Oh my goodness, I just burst out laughing! xD I love this show!😀

  • Kbear

    #19 I had forgotten all about this book! Thanks for reminding me of my childhood!

  • JennRrr

    #6 On the left looks like Kristen Stewart's face was shopped in…to me at least.

    • Jeanne

      I agree, #6 looks like Kristen Stewart's face was photoshopped onto the model's body

  • Iris

    #1 Oow I know another one like that, maybe even worse… Valeria Lukyanova is the real life barbie girl :p

  • whatnova?

    #19 is effing terrifying! i read it once and got so creeped out i gave it away! this one would create stalking disorders i think lol

    • shocked!

      Creepy?! This is the most touching, cute little book, ever! It's my favorite of all time! WHere do you get stalking in this book?

    • JenS

      I completely agree! All I can think of is my mother-in-law sneaking into our bedroom at night to rock my husband to sleep. Really? I have four kids and it just grosses me out to think my relationship won't change with them over 60+ years. But that's just what I think – I know I'm in the minority (my husband thinks the book is really sweet).

  • Jane

    #18 Love that book!!!

    • http://twitter.com/bwc_baby @bwc_baby

      me too! I have a stuffed animal of the Mama bunny is the gardening outfit holding the baby bunny.

  • mia

    #22, srsly a tramp stamp???

    • ceej

      I'm still looking… haha

  • Lisa

    #4…*lets go*

  • Mallory

    #26….this is just sad! Nothing like a solid heart attack when you're calling the boy you like.

  • Soda Pop

    #3….to bad that purple shirt is in the way……just sayin.

  • Beena

    Oddly they all still look sort of alright, God this whole trend freaks me out.

  • Penny

    #19 although he may not admit it now, my brother could never read this book because it would always make him cry

  • http://twitter.com/bwc_baby @bwc_baby

    Can we have more Steven Yeun? I

  • Raoul

    #39 Looks like my girlfriend's dad getting ready to kick my ass.

  • me!

    #19 I'm in the mood to cry..

    • Jazzberry


  • brit

    #19 amazing! my mom would always read this books to us as kids. i actually found a copy at hallmark where you can record your voice reading the story. gonna give it to my mom for mothers day! thanks berry for the memories =)

  • jenner1185

    #6 the one on the left

  • maia

    I don't know whether #1 is intended to highlight the absurdity of the physical role models we give to girls, but that's certainly the effect it has, for me, at least.

  • Stephanie

    #13 Yesssss! I thought I was the only one who felt this way! So glad I'm not alone in this world :p

  • Names

    #4 looks like he's nomming on her hand

  • kirinjirafa

    #4 he's eating her hand
    #8 how well a woman's face works on that body and vice versa,
    #19 eesh… that book. some mothers need to let their kids grow up

  • Cecil

    #2 is just friggin grande. Beautiful.

  • Ash

    #24 GOOD GOD

  • nomij

    #6, they're both shopped, just two different approaches on the original
    #19, I'm a mom, and it is so true that you will always always see them as you're little boy, and you will always always love them… enough to make you cry if you really stop to think about it. The point of the book is not that a mother sneaks into her son's home, but that the mother is thinking of holding him every night, even when he has his own home.

  • Lisa

    #19 I heard this when my now 20 year old was 4. I bawled. Yeah it was pathetic. I didn't care. Such a true thing. No matter where they go, what they do, I love them forever. No, I won't sneak into their apartments, but I will love them forever. :) Even when they make me crazy! lol

    When I read it to my daughters I changed the lines. I said

    "I love you forever,
    I like you for always,
    as long as Earth's turning,
    a family we will be."

    Because even after I'm dead and gone, the love I gave them, the foundations they have, will continue. :) I must have given 100 copies of it to various friends. :)

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