Mystery Misc. (35 photos)


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  • MOAR

    #34 I'd like to see the rest of the place.

  • Ginger

    #34 Does the puppy come with the kitchen??

  • Tippi

    #20 and #22 are awesome!!!

    • MOAR

      #20 will guarantee that no man will step foot in that kitchen. If you want 20 prepare to make 3 meals a day… forever.

  • goose

    #17 why would you put a mirror in front of your sink? this just seems silly to me

    • tangeria

      i have a mirror in front of my sink, otherwise i would be staring at the wall while i do dishes. at least with the mirror it lets me watch what is happening behind me, as well as reflecting more light, and making my tiny kitchen "seem" bigger! =)

  • Kristen

    #3 #5 and #23 are my faves! :D

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