• Lindsey

    #31 I've got that, and it smells like chocolate too! Amazing!

  • JennRrr

    #5 would get real annoying, fast.

    • Beena

      Also the worst poured pint ever!

  • Susan

    pretty much all weird this round… not much genius

  • Beena


    • Julie

      My parents have one of those from the 70s! It just changes the shape of a hard boiled egg, nothing too weird about it. Although I still can't figure out why anyone would want a square hard boiled egg…

      • Beena

        I think it grosses me out cos it's brown, why is it brown? It looks like it was never cleaned or something.:)

      • Kitty

        doesn't roll around the plate? ?

    • ACHF

      Bad picture…its actually yellow tinted plastic

  • jfry0303

    #12 is freaking genius!

  • Brandi

    #33 what is that??

    • http://www.facebook.com/pokemontrainer26 PokemonTrainer26

      i want to know it 2😦

    • ceej

      hot dog pencil case!

  • Liir

    I would love to act panicked at one of my final exams and then pull out #1 and start blowing it up and then continue with the exam like everything was fine.

  • Lisa H.

    I would totally buy #28 if it said "for f*cks sake" instead of "for pete's sake" hahaha.

  • Kitty

    #13 i wants!!

  • DirtyChar

    #6 Ultimate Duckface

  • Christy

    I need #17

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #12 Welcome to Australia mate!

  • Kristmas

    What is #7 and #11?

    • JonnyPats

      7, too much shit to care
      But 11…. Pi Cutter

      • star

        #7 is a bunch of awesome cameras

  • ddd

    I would have never thought about it, but now I need #12. No sleep for me tonight.

  • flybirdsfly

    #22, I have it and don't get anything done.

  • Theresa

    Where can I find #30??

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