• me_anon

    I'm sorry, I do NOT wish for the short shorts in #10, or the monstrosity that is #17.

    • Theresa

      I wish I could give a 100 thumbs ups for this. But seriously, no shorts

  • Ryan

    I need links so that I can find out where to buy these….

  • jay

    so every now and then i look at the berry just to get an insight into the mind of women.
    today's lesson appears to be that you want your men to dress like rampant faggots.
    thanks for the heads up….now if only i could find my little pink shorts and collection of pastel bow ties…

    • JOHN

      Congratulations on not getting it. Enjoy the fact that the only vagina you will see for the rest of your life will be a glowing 2-dimensional image from your computer screen. Well dressed guys get play. Its a great way to make up for not looking like Brad Pitt or David Beckham… Also your homophobic slur is actually a great indication to women that you lack confidence and are not getting any yourself.

      • JOHN

        Also Jay, try dressing a little more like #6 #7 #8 #14 or #18 and watch the attention you get. Closed minded, unadventurous guys like you will never get it. Thanks for leaving such a massive wake of untouched women, guys like you make it so easy for guys like me.

    • figleaf

      Man card revoked, asshole certificate issued.

      • jay

        i'm man enough to admit when i'm wrong and i accept that the homophobic language was off-key, if i have offended anyone i apologise.

        however i stand by my belief that little shorts and bow ties are never a strong look, i'm all about looking good, rocking a nice three piece etc but i really don't get this super preppy boat club thing.

        as for your automatic attack on my apparent lack of 'play' , it was a childish response john. i throw my hands up and state that my initial sentence was base, but using the internet to attack an individual you do not know with allegations you have no evidence for is hardly being the bigger man is it?

        p.s. figleaf, that was pretty funny.

        • figleaf

          Fair enough.

          Try this on, though: it's their version of "burn-yer-bra" or "mind the gap" or whatever – just happens to be titled as it is. Maybe don't take it so literal (nor personal) if you choose not to dress those ways and yet are someone's boyfriend or not.

          Who are we to comment or judge what a woman or gay man may like to oogle on the internet?

  • http://twitter.com/rachel_is_epic @rachel_is_epic

    #7, #11 – YES!

    #16, #19 – NO.

  • NClady

    My husband dresses well and looks nothing like this. No short shorts and suits or crap. He is well dressed in his own way and I love it. I am not putting down this post because other woman in fact love men who dress this way and I respect that but I do not ( except for the suits on really specail occasion):)

    • sure

      If my boyfriend dressed like this, I would probably assume he's either gay (because it is great fashion) or totally superficial and high-maintenance

  • Sophia

    #12 and #21 please! Regardless of your personal style a good outfit is a good outfit.

  • mallory254

    #16 yesss

  • zag2girl

    yaay life is good… my man wears things like this everyday… sweater vests and ties mmmm so hot

  • rocklesson86

    Yes oh yes!!!!

  • Holly Molly

    I really, really like #5! It's such a great combination, so fresh.

  • Anomanom

    How about some clothes that are flattering for blokes who don't have the perfect masculine build. Not hippos, but not all guys have perfect bodies either.

  • http://depositos-y-ahorro.com/ Tangela

    I really, really like #5! It's such a great combination, so fresh.

  • shoeman

    I wish to find out what kind of boots these are ? http://theberry.com/2012/04/26/stuff-i-wish-my-bo

  • shoeman

    I wish to find out what kind of boots at #22 are ?

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