• Alyssa

    I love theses posts!!!! I am now in week 1 of month 2 of Insanity and these posts definitely keep me motivated!!! I have been self conscious about my body my entire life and can actually say for the first time ever, I kinda like the way my body's starting to look:-)

    • Andy Valentine

      I part way through a P90x regime myself. Holy hell it does wonders. Look out for me on HMOTB soon😉

  • Kem

    I sit here reading this post eating chocolate doughnuts and drinking chocolate milk…. not very motivated today.

  • Wet_tosti

    #3 Nice view! It's also a great way to loose vitamins! Buy season related fresh and local harvested veggies. If you want to stock vegetables buy deep freezed because they contain the most nutrition, vitamins and minerals.

  • ASHley :)

    #14 Please do a Full House post!! :):):)

  • Amanda

    I love these posts. I am trying to lose weight and get in shape. When I look at these posts in the morning it motivates me to keep going! Thank you Berry!!!!

  • JaneLane

    I have lost over 20kg (about 45lbs) starting from in 4-5 months so far. I am still trying to lose another 10kg, but I have to say that I have never felt this good about myself! These posts are my favourite ones.

  • Platyops

    Love these posts!

  • socalmarti

    #11 WOW!! Planks are already brutal!!! I wanna be able to them like that!!!!!!!

  • EJM

    Love these posts!!! Training for the Tough Mudder in September.. These posts help me stay in the zone! Thanks Berry much!!!

  • sassygurl129

    Please keep these posts up! I have been trying to make a lifestyle change in the past couple of months. Ever since I started dating my bf a little over 2.5 years ago, my weight plumaged! Borderline obese for my height…So now I am trying to eat right and work out again. Everytime my will power gets a little low, I pull these posts up to remind myself that I must stay strong and motivated!!!

  • Rachel

    Besides the art/design posts…I soooo look forward to these. Really does keep this girl motivated! Thank you!

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