Hot men of theBERRY: Military Edition! (70 photos)


First of all, we would like to thank you for your service! So many great pics in this bunch. If you want to be part of the next round, get creative. Write theBERRY somewhere for extra points. Click SUBMIT or mail to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com.
Thanks again!
theBERRY crew: Emily, Megan & Alex

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  • tomato

    loving this post, you all rock– especially #51

    • brittany

      JTAC ?

      • ryan

        no mam, im army

  • Trish

    3 8 13 so hott! :p

  • Mallory

    #55 winner

  • ali19xo

    oh heyyy #51, #55, and #69.
    Thank you for your service.. and for giving me something to drool over at work. :)

  • May

    #2 is gorgeous!

  • Lisa H.

    Loved almost all of 'em but #35 really made me stop and stare. Thanks for everything you do, boys! :D

  • Valorie

    Can i please have #4 #14 #24 or #34 shipped to me. Oh how yummy they are! Thanks for your service!

  • mazzie

    #66 O…..M…..G..

  • kcco98

    #35 ….. papisongo

  • kcco98

    #34!!! is a papisongo!

  • RandomScottishChick

    #3 has the cutest face I have ever seen!
    The rest of him is rather delicious, too! ;)

  • ceej

    OHHH. my favorite post. I've met #35! glad to see so many smiling faces serving!

  • @JessPayneMusic

    #4 and #51….thank you gentleman :D

  • Yvie

    Mother of God….those eyes…

  • angela

    Ahhh my favorite edition of HMOTB! so many sexy ones this week :)

  • EJM

    #8 MOAR!! ;)

    • Samantha

      hey watch it that's my husband lol! I'll submit more for the next HMOTB….dreamy isn't he?

      • Laura

        Samantha thank you and bless your heart for sharing LOL

  • Michelle


  • Michelle


  • Sarah

    Lucky to be #25's WIFE :-D oh man he's gonna kill me :-)

  • Cyndi

    omg they are all amazing! thank you guys for everything that you do!

  • StarznSkullz

    #57 is my favorite

  • Jody

    #18 WOW #49 LOVE this picture #64 Yowza and awwwww
    Thanks for your service!!

  • cookedgoose

    #46 hahaha canadia has a military?? dont be silly

    • Daniela

      Ugh, Canadia?

  • @roshanip

    Wow thanks for service! And thanks berry!

  • Samantha

    #8 is my husband! YUMMY! miss you so much babe!!

    • crissy

      Good job you!

    • jkei

      yeaaa that's a def a keeper! lucky u!!

  • bubblerider86

    well i see that the government has taken (mostly) all the hot guys…now where am i supposed to find one? ;)

    • bubblerider86

      p.s. thank you all for your bravery and service!!

    • Lisa

      Ma'am…they didn't "take" them. The military takes raw clay and sculpts it. My ex was 6'4" 210 pounds when he went to Basic. 6 weeks later I got back 180 pounds of hard, lean, delicious muscle that was willing to put his ass on the line for your (and my) freedom. There is a confidence that develops in those who choose this life and then when you add all of the PT they do? It's just…well…drool-worthy. :)

      If any one in the service reads this comment, I want you all to know that the sacrifices of you and your families is appreciated by me and my children. I know first hand what it takes out of a family and I thank you all from the depths of my soul. It means the world to me. Thank you.

  • Helgikum

    #3 helllllooo

  • Ashley M

    Glad you're one of our Canadian boys
    Thanks for what you do
    <3 a Canadian Chivette

  • Marrufisonfire

    #19 MORE
    #42 Kiiiiiind of looks like Jon Hamm from that angle. I stress KIND OF.

  • Aliana

    #34 I would like to be Mrs….Anderson, is it? :-) #51 Hot damn

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