• Sissy

    #2- Yes Sir, you have stolen my heart❤
    #49, #59– Marines be so crazy!!

    • Lindsay

      Yep, especially the ones in #49! CRAZY!!😛 Looking good guys – thanks for everything you do!

  • Arlette Banks
  • Meeg

    #38 I made it to best photos of the week! Oh, Berry, you flatter me so much.❤

    • RedNinja

      Yay for you!! You look BEAUTIFUL!! Keep it up!!

    • Baxpin

      Nice work!

    • kimmeMOAR

      You look stunning! Great work!

  • Carro

    At #45 I was like "That´s so creepy" Then when #46 came I was like O_O

  • Suz129

    #45 – That is just a whole lotta No-Thank-You.

  • sassygurl129

    #18 why haven't i moved to brazil yet? so much eye candy MMMMMMMM

  • trish

    Ew. 19 is Mel Gibson. I love you guys but … he is not Berry-worthy ever.

  • CeigeJay

    #4 And this is why we love Jensen and Jared.

  • Nmchiver

    #6….ALWAYS gets me:) I think he is definitely my favorite:) Thank you for telling me the reason to move to Canada:)

  • jelenakarleusa

    #48 life sucks sometimes. i wish i would be able to make all the people happy. we all deserve it

    • lct

      tell him. life is much too short not to.

  • Erin

    #26 & #39
    I'm so excited that we both made it into the Best Photos of the Week!
    I'm sure Terry would have loved to know that he is Berry worthy!
    Thanks BERRY!!<3

  • Shirley

    #12 I cackled at that for about a minute straight!

  • gillaura

    Nice kilt! Oh and shirtless was definitely a good choice;)

  • gillaura

    Oops that was for #29 by the way haha

  • Beena


  • A Berry

    #48 Girl I am in the exact same position. Except I'm also living with his girlfriend of over three years. I sometimes feel like she doesn't love him the way I do…

  • Ashley

    #45… these are IV catheters. This means that some medical professional supplied these. I believe that is medical malpractice. Why in the hell is the Berry posting this sort of mutilation? Absolutely unacceptable.

  • Lisa H.

    #58 I wish I could get this a print to hang in my house!

  • Balorati

    #29 and #42 MOAR please!!

    • Scout

      Amen, especially #29

  • mrsdafoe

    Enough with dogs pictures, not cute, plain boring……:|

    • DudesLoveDogs

      If you ever wonder why you're single, refer back to this comment.

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