• Seldi84

    #11 That makes me sad to be English, that those bins actually exsist.
    #21 Spidey memes always make me laugh.

  • BritBerrier

    #17 – I am craving #14 – Pride and prejudice is my favourite novel ever; THE best love story – screw romeo and juliet!

  • Meeg

    #31 ha! my students are SO going to see this later in the year!

  • Susan

    #17 it's early…more coffee. Dark and slightly bitter.

  • Bon_nie

    #32 Totally true!!

  • Rawrmeansiloveyou

    Moar #6
    Why can't you have a clone?

    • aciekay

      i'll clone him and take the original. nom.

  • CourtneyElise

    OMG #6 where have you been all my life! MOAR Please!!!

  • Soda Pop

    #1…THANK YOU! whoever thinks this is good can go punch themselves in the face…..

  • CeigeJay

    #17 Hummus and crackers… I'm a weird one.

  • PicklesMcGee

    #4 i dont get it….

    • lilly10

      I think it refers to the show "Blue's Clues." I guess that guy looks like Steve from the show, and Blue was his dog.

      • PicklesMcGee

        Ohhhkay. I get it. Cause Steve wore a shirt like that. Hm. Dislike. Don't think most people would get it….

  • Michelle

    #39 – WHO'S THAT?!?!? Bring him to me!!😀

    • lexxy

      matt lanter, he plays liam in 90210:)

    • Carly

      why can't these guys ever be at the store when I'm shopping?

  • Lisa H.

    #11 Seriously lol'ed at that. I love puns! #19 is so true, too.

  • manders

    #15 Do you know how many calories are in that? cheeseburger stuffed crust from pizza hut.. what more unhealthy food will they think of next?

  • kay

    #17 sushi. always craving sushi

  • Suz129

    #17 – NACHOS! Turkey meat and melted cheddar with sour cream, YUM!

  • circleofcreation

    #19… okay? Apparently I grew up where people talk funny (if they meant for that to be Nova Scotia) and they're missing an entire province…

  • Peeds

    #6 Tattoos and a beard!!! I think I'm in love❤

  • Peeds

    #24 Where is this place??? Beautiful!!!

    • artistsgottaart

      hydrangea heaven

  • http://twitter.com/only_heather @only_heather

    #33holy mother of God… I feel for that child

    Berry get rid of the scrolling ad on mobile! Crashes the browser! And I hate Greek yogurt! lol

  • yikes

    #8 Cavaliers are the best!

  • realplayer

    Mystic Knights of Tír na nÓg, childhood coming back to me, so much awesome

  • Beena

    This always makes me so happy, I love having a ton of books to enjoy reading ^_^

  • Lauren

    #6 you are gorgeous!!! why cant they make guys like you where i live :(… hope we see more of you

  • shannon

    #32 is so me

  • lara

    #17 my airman, he's stationed a few states away. I'm craving his arms wrapped around me with my head on his shoulder. And everything else

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