• Furdurp

    Awesome Post. cannot get enough of Skulls

  • kristen

    Where do you find this stuff!?! I love it all!!

  • lexxy

    where can I find #6 ?! preferably in Canada! thanks in advance:)

    • http://twitter.com/77FashionVictim @77FashionVictim


    • socalmarti

      American Apparel they're online.

    • Tiffany

      It's actually from urban outfitters but you can only get it online, I got this shirt for Christmas:)

  • Taija

    They're really easy to make!

  • Isabel

    what a great post!! i absolutely LOVE skulls!!!

  • figleaf

    #21 FTW!

  • Sarah

    #4, #6, and #16 are awesome. Can you tell I like the whole back of the shirt, surprise thing?

    • allie

      i NEED the white dress. Where can you find it?!

  • Emma R.

    where do I find #16 ?? I need it!

  • IsTayHIgH

    the shirt with the cut out skull is from a website called Karmaloop.com

  • VeryVee


  • nono

    this is a repeat post.

  • Jody

    Where can I get these things!!!!!! NOW

  • Angie

    I want that purse! GIMME GIMME GIMME!

  • Lasotras

    Anyone know where I can find #9??? It's so cool!:)

  • audrey

    Anyone know where I can find the necklace in #1?????

  • Theresa

    Love #14

  • Typ

    I actually own #24 and love it. One of my fave pieces of jewellery.

  • nikki

    i need #20. where do i find it?!?!?! i need to know!!

  • http://www.location-portesdusoleil.com/ Eunfols

    i need #20. where do i find it?!?!?! i need to know!!

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