• http://www.pitch-switch.com/ Joseph

    theBERRY.com your 2nd favorite website in the world behind Facebook.

    • Jane

      * You're

  • candy

    #15 and #26 made me wish I could wear high-heels…*le sigh*

  • http://drugbirthdefectslawsuit.com/ Daniella Forsythe

    In this sense, my concept of augmented reality and mediation as a supplement to face-to-face presence are not metaphors at all.

  • kristen

    Really?? #29 I never knew men like that existed

    • normurai

      they exist, however society prefers to call them 'the gays'😉

    • Bridgette

      Hi Kristen! They do indeed exist you just cant settle and youll see:)

      And not a gay bone in his body. He's very much straight, so straight in fact that he builds things.

  • Soda Pop

    #1….thats one sexy pose….

  • Sarah

    #29 – You have the best boyfriend in the world. Except for mine, obviously. =P

    • Bridgette

      Thank you! Thank you! I think so too, i kissed a lot of frogs before I finally got my prince

  • Londoner

    #30 must be quite a short person!

  • Carro

    #7 NICE!!! WANT!!!!=O

  • Hepburn3

    This is a nice way to add the something blue.:)

  • LisaMarie

    #31 are Zara, I have those, they are so narrow in the toes, I think they may be evil and trying to keep me crippled indoors…

  • http://lopzop.in/high-heels/high-heel-fashion-photos-theberry/ High Heel Fashion Photos : theBERRY | high-heels

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  • Natalie

    Where are the shoes in #15 from??? Love them for my upcoming wedding!!!

  • LAskygurl


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