• bloomfever2002

    #39 Hello Nick.. yum

  • Candice

    #16 … she still is beautiful without makeup!!! =)

  • Devan

    Hi berries! I am studying in Germany this summer and #9 made me so excited! Can't wait I'll send tons of lovely pics your way too!

  • Chivette

    #31 OMG

  • Seldi84

    #5 I never thought he was funny even when i was 12.
    #16 Still gorgeous
    #17 So are the Berry Sisters
    #18 Damn straight.

  • PA Chivette

    #17 LOVE you guys, too!!!! Thanks for making The Berry one of my FAVORITE sites in the world!!!❤

  • SwingoutScott

    #12 – I live in Honolulu. That is this place constantly. I avoid Waikiki, beaches on my side of the island, and and hate going grocery shopping. I'm a foodie/cook. It takes a lot to make me hate shopping for food.
    #22 – Oh, I so have to make this. Wish there was a tutorial so I don't accidentially screw up
    #36 – You are so awesome, and I don't even know you.

  • Sophia

    Anyone know where #32 is? Took my breath away!

  • Jamie

    #35 My fav!!!!

  • Alisha

    #38 It actually is my birthday today!

  • http://twitter.com/shibsta @shibsta

    No thank YOU for providing how I spend 95% of my internet time!

  • tcja4

    #9. Thank you. I feel this way often. I'm so glad to know there's a word out there for it, even if it's not in my own language.

  • Amanda

    Where is Em's engagement ring?

  • IShldBWorking

    #17 It's amazing how two women can look so different and both be so beautiful.

  • http://twitter.com/novajellyfish @novajellyfish

    Omg, Dougie:) #37

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