Berries, send us a picture of your favorite vacation experience NOW!

vacation1 Berries, send us a picture of your favorite vacation experience NOW!

Hey Berries!

We’d love to see pictures of your favorite vacation spot! Join in on the fun and show off your amazing experiences on theBERRY! Here are some easy steps:

1. You’re probably at work or school so take a break
2. Find a vacation picture on your computer
3. In your e-mail, make sure to let us know where your vacation hot spot is located!
4. Send the picture to theBERRYpics[at]



Don’t forget to spread the word to your friends! We will start posting as the photos start to come in.

Berry love,

PS: It always helps if you add the text to the photo before you send it!

[Update: We got an inbox overload! The callout has officially ended and I’ll post the pictures soooon!]

  • Victoria

    I sent over 3:-)

    • Summa!

      I sent two:) hope all of our five get posted!

      • Victoria


  • torontochivette

    I sent some as well – including photos on vacation when my now-husband proposed!! Hope we all get our photos posted:)

    • T.O. Chiver

      Wha!?!?!?! Toronto Chivette! I've been downtown three times with my KCCO shirt and only met dozens of chivers! I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting wicked Chivettes downtown. Glad to know you gals exist! Keep up the good work!

      • torontochivette

        Same here! Every time I wear my KCCO shirt out, I'm hoping to meet chivers and chivettes and no luck😦 I wore my KCCO out just yesterday and someone asked if it was from a gardening club ha ha ha.. NOPE! Glad there are other awesome chivers in the GTA:)

  • 0Bianka0

    I sent like a dozen😀

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