• Brent

    I love these! My fiance and I have been working our butts like crazy to be healthier and I can't wait till we can send Berry our before and after pictures.

    For the first time in my life, I finally feel optimistic about working out and I see it as a positive joy instead of a chore. I am excited to be a healthier man for my future wife and our kids down the road! I've always wanted to be a dad, and now I get excited because I feel like for the first time, I'm a man that can be looked up to.

    These motivation post really do help. We picked out our favorites, printed them, and have them posted all over our apartment. Thanks Berry!!!!

    • Adriana

      That is so great to hear. I am along the same path with my boyfriend of two years. We have been signing up for fun 5ks like the Color Run, the Foam Fest, the Warrior Dash and now the Spartan Sprint. I'm all about having fitness be fun and always get so motivated when I come across other people who are so enthusiastic about positive change.

      It's a great feeling when you have a strong sense of pride in yourself. Thanks for sharing:)

  • Ella

    #4 I really needed that today. Thanks Berry!

  • Soda Pop

    #1 and #3….soooooo hot:-)

  • Jadeus

    i just wish my back and my knees work normally without risk of immobility so i can physically attempt exercise… i only want to tone up a bit!😦

  • Sophia

    I love these posts! Really encouraging:)

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