• deleted6652526

    I should send in a photo of the "bacon" that I eat. As a vegetarian (who doesn't eat soy), I make fake bacon out of dehydrated and marinated eggplant strips. Super crunchy and yummy and oh so healthy!! yumm!!

    • Bacon4OnlyTheWorthy

      I feel a little bit bad for you who cannot enjoy the sensuality of bacon, the texture, the aroma, the natural saltiness, and the versatility the way only bacon is. Not only able to make any meal better but risen to a level that a theist would describe as "food of the Gods" and make some atheists, for a simple moment, believe of a higher being, for only a deity could have created the enigmatic bacon. The freedom that accompanies this most exquisite of foods is freeing, so liberating in fact, a simple taste can transport you to a place of dreams that only dreamers of dreams can, well, dream. I myself am only a person, only a minute organism in a vast, vast universe will now go forth to the fridge and strip the divine item from its polymer sheath to heat, only as directed…
      Once, where pity for you hath been, now is the warm desire to consume this finely prepared bacon. No such pleasure will take place for you, for you will eat eggplant badly disguised as the warm, succulent bacon that needs no camouflage.

    • Art

      How do you know if someone is a vegetarian?….. Just talk to them. They'll work it into the conversation somehow.

  • sleepingchrissy

    I love bacon

  • Saunia

    how did i miss this post earlier? i love bacawnnnn. i loved it before it was cool to love it. i don't care if that makes me hipster.

  • http://www.videoconverterfactory.com Neo

    i like this one

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