#24 yeaaah…good luck convincing a guy with that one.

    • Art

      HAHA!! Agreed!!

    • Jones

      Ha, I have them:/

  • mel

    can I just have #2 be my boyfriend?❤

    • Hepburn3

      Is that the ever yummy Michael Fassbender?:)

  • Xmores
  • mark

    most of those guys are dressed like women.

  • Lisa H.

    #12 A nice fitting suit is basically like lingerie for men, in my opinion. Sexy as hell.

    • tomato

      agreed– but those are all a little to tight for me

  • Alex

    So girls what douchebags in poorly fitting clothes.. So thats what I am doing wrong, being a man in tailored suits and proper clothes

  • Ander

    #16 and #28 Looks really wierd. Too much leg, man! Who wears short shorts? They do, not me! #24 is sooo not gonna happen!! #26 1% of the population looks good in these hats. And that 1% are models who wear them in magazines to make you think you look good, but u look like an idiot. #30 We say it every week, pink pants is not gonna happen!

  • Art

    #1 #7 #12 #17 #19 Winners!! no homo but you can't have too many shoes, belts, sunglasses and watches!!

    • Jones

      1 with the brown strap watch is ideal

  • figleaf

    likely not ALL you're doing wrong

  • Sophie

    Either of these lovely men are free to be my boyfriend! Or I really could just lust after those finely tailored suits… mmm, really perfect for guys!

  • Kay

    #10 what i wish my boyfriend looked like

  • hawls mawls

    my boyfriend would look so SEXY in this stuff but he just doesn't get it😡

  • mcou

    uh, good luck. I DON'T wish my boyfriend wore any of this

  • Sammy Chen-Sotomela

    I love it when my boyfriend wears this stuff. Its like body candy on a stud

  • rocklesson86

    This is something I could see my guy wearing if we lived in the Hamptons or somewhere buy the beach or in Europe.

  • mons

    if you're dating an effeminate little metrosexual he might wear some of this rubbish. only thing a man would wear are the watches and a nice suit, the rest is rubbish

  • geez leweez

    "stuff i'd like my husband to wear"….ok….i'd like my husband to wear huge muscles, a big cack, perfect looks and a million dollar a month job….geez leweez…

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