• Bridget

    How is #1 anything BUT awesome? I think it was mislabeled.

    • cicadetta

      Agreed. Maybe it was placed there for contrast? There can be no other rational explanation…

    • Via

      No, it's just that all of these images were copy-pasted directly from the Icanhascheezburger site 'Ugliest Tattoos'. Every single one and they didn't even bother to read the description of the images because this one was labeled as a Win. Disappointed Berry, seriously. Get your own content.

      • anna

        Yes it was everything from yesterday!

      • Captain Obvious

        Why are people still surprised by this? The Chive basically just trolls the Imgur frontpage a few times a day; why would their sister site be any different? But yeah, err, Keep Calm and Repost Everything. Keep that money train rollin', folks…

      • notAwin

        True dat

    • sloppyclwn


    • http://twitter.com/Zordabo @Zordabo

      I agree, this is fucken awesome

    • http://twitter.com/cougar78 @cougar78

      I agree, I actually have a tat of animal on my back and everyone who has seen it loves it.

  • hpuem

    When #20 isn't popular to say anymore, he can just stick some crappy looking flowers on it like in #16

  • Jules

    #9 is actually quite well done if you're talking quality, not content.

    • Jules

      Not to say there is anything wrong with Cobain

  • cicadetta

    #22 looks like Nightcrawler is doing something unspeakable to Wolverine. It's like a bad slash fic embedded permanently on somebody's arm.

  • SadeShadz

    #5 #14 #22 Is this for real? pahahahahaa!!! xD

  • bookwyrm4ever

    Rarely happens that I do not see eye to eye with the berry but find myself not being able to agree with you on one thing this morn…


    It is pure awesomeness!!!

  • PicklesMcGee

    Pretty sure #3 is just marker…… or at least I hope so😛

    • Gerri


  • TiaP

    All of these are copied directly from another site that I saw earlier. #1 was a GOOD tattoo… not a bad one.

  • Sizzle

    #2 As someone who grew up in that area, I can say that's about the level of intelligence you'll find in most Baltimorons.

    • avreno

      I don't know whats worse, the tattoo…or the fact he seems to have some sort of My Little Pony Facebook theme.

  • mandy

    I think #1 and #9 are pretty damn awesome!

    • anna

      they site these were copied from had these both labeled as wins:)

  • Lisa H.

    #7 Suuuuuure…..clearly. #20 I want to slap this dude. I hate that "yolo" shit. Most of these are actually pretty sweet tattoos, though.

    • twingings

      What does "Yolo" mean???? Thanks in advance for any helpful explanation.

      • Fifa

        You only live once, aka Carpe Diem for dumb people

  • haeddre

    So tired of hearing about #20 … It is old already… I don't think "go out & do stupid shit" is what they meant…

  • brophy

    omg #15 the tiny arm!

  • Bob

    #9 and #10…How high are your standards that you think this looks bad??

  • http://twitter.com/Amandax3Scull @Amandax3Scull

    i went to highschool with #18

    • sean

      fortunately for you/her, shes the only one who hasnt ruined their body with ink. not stuff id get on my skin, but its the only one in this bunch that i wouldnt make fun of, cuz it doesnt suck lol

      • Katie J.

        I agree… I mean it could of been done with a little better flow instead of just placed randomly. I would never do this but I think its pretty B.A. and has a good concept

  • bloomfever2002

    #9 is actually very cool.

  • Mike

    The Cobain tats are the first renditions I've seen of people that actually look decent, as opposed to 6 and 13. I get that people want to immortalize their loved ones somehow, but pictures of them rarely turn out looking well.

  • Monica

    Sorry, but those Star Wars tats are very well done and pretty freaking cool.

  • patriots suck

    ALL tattoos are trashy. New or Old.

  • dalesq

    #1 is a huge win.

  • Lola

    #12 Is just a pure disaster, there's no beauty.
    #19 Is that Katy Perry as an avatar? Ha Ha Ha

  • wtfff

    how is #6 a fail? you guys are assholes.

    • whale hntr

      If i was going to put a whale tatoo on my body i would make it cool, like a killer whale jumping out of the ocean with a seal in my mouth

      • URaPunk

        Oh yeah…that was real mature. What are you? Maybe 12 yrs. old?

        • Auth

          I don’t suggest you get one for a coonlse, if you game a long time, cause the lamps will cost a hell.. Unless you game 1-2H a day.. Check out the BenQ review it was done not so long ago..

    • ThinkFirst

      Because its poorly done and looks like shit. Take a look at Roman Abrego's portraits and see what they're REALLY supposed to look like.

  • sfwfbw

    #2 People like this make me ashamed to be from MD

  • victoria

    #8..big girl pubes!? D:

  • Alessandra E

    Good to see I'm not the only one thinking that #1 = AWESOME. I love Animal!!

    #4 #7 and #20 They brand themselves with stupid so we can identify them quicker. Can't stand all that crap.

    As for #8, I don't know what grosses me out the most: her pubes, or her nasty fingernails.

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