• HeatherW

    That made me cry…

  • katie

    whats going on with the crappy quality…?

    • KJJ

      I was getting the same thing, it was very blurry/block-y and I could barely read the text, tried to refresh, no better…😦

      • KJJ

        Update: Just watched it on the Chive, video quality was much better! Great video!! WAY to Go Arthur!

  • haeddre

    Cried again… Saw this on the Chive

  • Katie M.

    Teared up! :') Way to go, Arthur!

  • David

    Big up to that 1 person, yoga instructor that believed in him…

  • yogi

    wow…. this is amazig

  • Mdm

    That guy was a teacher at my high school years ago! That's insane & so great!

    • Anon


      • Mdm

        Heck yeah!!! Lol! He was an aid for my math class probably 6 years ago! Crazy it's been that long!

  • Hepburn3

    This so great!
    Way to go Arthur!! Thanks ever so for sharing this with the world!
    I love seeing, hearing and reading things like this!:)

  • manami

    I'm so happy for you, Arthur!

  • koolaidkid

    Thanks for sharing your journey Arthur !

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