• shelbykpeterson

    #27 Not Another Teen Movie? Nice!

  • Lisa

    #11 Seriously lol'ed. Love her. Also, I never watch It's Always Sunny but based on all these hilarious lines, I think I might start!!

    • http://twitter.com/DanaShades @DanaShades

      Always sunny in Philly – watch it. Just watch it. All episodes in a row. Now.

  • April

    Love it! 32 smiles out of 32 pictures…..LOVE theberry

  • Typ

    Gawd I love Roseanne. I want her quick thinking. #28

    • gtiuyiu

      too late

  • thaomeow

    #17. Story of my life.

  • mel

    These are my favorite posts!!! I love #29 because that's how I'm feeling today. haha

  • TiaP

    #27… my, my, my… he's come a loooooong way baby.

  • longcoolwoman

    #14 only one that actually made me lol. ellen is awesome.

  • Candy

    #13, #14, #17 and #20 made my day.


    Can we make this a weekly post? Seeing this made my day!!

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