#1 Deductive reasoning eliminates Christian Slater, Kevin Federline, and Freddie Prinze Jr. because they don't have a ton of money. I would bet on Marc Anthony to win, Ryan Phillippe to place, and George Clooney to show. However, an extremely strong case could be made for Simon Cowell, but he seems crass enough to just pay child support, take the media beating, and move on.

    • ...

      lol…great powers of deduction. I say DiCaprio or Timberlake.

      • Jayyy

        In one of Timberlakes songs he said something about having a baby girl. Hmmmmmmmm

      • socalmarti

        My moneys on Dicaprio or Anthony, they're the only two with enough money and career to take such a nasty gamble.

    • http://twitter.com/DanaShades @DanaShades

      Definitely has to be someone very public (talented or not) and with a certain image, if a love child could somehow hurt him (most likely he's been [when the child was made] / is in a "happy" relationship). But that's just my logic, I've no idea what big celebs think anyways…

      • Bobbi_1025

        I don't see it being Jim Carey he already has child(ren) and he was so close to Jenny mccarthy's son he even set up a fund for his schooling I believe. Vince Vaughn just had a child recently I believe. For some reason Patrick Dempsey seems shady to me. And I believe he cheated on a wife and left her for another woman who was younger once he got a lil fame headed his way. Man I can't believe I remember all this lol

        • haeddre

          But he was married so… Remember Arnold… Gotta keep it a secret…

    • McAwesome

      My deductive reasoning says they aren't paying enough

      • harump

        yeah how is Freddie prince not very rich?! Rich father, Successful career, famous wife..sounds like a guy with a lot to lose. Not that its him, i feel this one is made up.

        • krystallion654

          did you ever consider….THAT SHE'S JUST LYING!

        • stevenfbrackett

          Freddie Prinz is not as rich as you might think. His father's career was actually very short. Sitcom stars of the 70's did not make the millions and millions they do now – and he was only on that show one or two seasons. Beyond that, he was a stand up comic who was only popular for a short time before getting the sitcom gig.

          I also wouldn't call his career a great success. He had a couple of early successes but when was the last time you ever heard of him even working? It's been years.

          Now, his wife is ridiculously rich…

          Most of these guys I would eliminate just because they are too young. I would assume the 'child' is at least, which rules out a bunch of them immediately.

  • awhite2020


    Doesn't sound like much of a man to me.

    • JESSE

      well put.

  • Candy

    #13 my dad was high when i was made.
    Mom told me about it and said ' good times…goooood tiiiiiimes'.

    • Bobbi_1025

      I found a wedding pic of my parents sharing a rolled cig(no it wasn't tobacco) and I figured out by deduction my mom was knowingly pregnant with me.

      • ChelseaRules

        That sucks… I found a wedding night picture of my parents, once. My dad was wearing my mom's diaphragm like a yamaka. But he was totally sober.

  • fercyccone

    I'll bet :

    1 – Leonardo Di Caprio…(no reason, i just don't like him).
    2 – Matthew Mcconaughey…(he would lose so much, wife, kid, his good guy status).
    3 – Ryan Seacrest …(isn't he married ?, besides, he is a huge douche).
    4 – Nick lachey…(he doesn't have an empire, but he has a wife, who would take HALF and leave his sorry ass).

    • aduh

      Mcconaughey does not give a shit. He would tell everyone he got a woman pregnant while playing naked bongos. So would seacrest since people think he's gay. Two people from the same show make me think its Simon.

      • Candice

        LOL naked bongos. That made my day.

    • Gerri

      nick lachey also has a child on the way

  • Chipsnhow

    #4 n #6 same here

  • CeigeJay

    #8 I hope you don't watch the Mythbusters

  • Lisa

    #1 I've been familiar with this particular secret for a while and have ALWAYS wondered, every single time I still see it.

    • Gerri

      me too

  • tomato

    #6 that photo is haunting and mesmerizing.
    The fact that you realize the decisions you make now will affect your future is a good step. Keep your chin up and think positively.

    • http://twitter.com/orchidfiend @orchidfiend

      That's a Cindy Sherman photograph. She's awesome.

  • rae

    #9 i told my best friend this and he told me he had been waiting his whole life to hear some one say that. now we are the closest of friends. because it will get better one day.

  • C.J.

    #12 Story of my life.

  • Lau

    #5…Not really a secret…more like a question

  • Saunia

    #12 uhh so why don't you introduce yourself to someone? that's what college is about freshman year.

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #3 she's a keeper!

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    #13 Who the heck cares? Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • diamante

    #9 yeah.

  • Charles

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