• Myst

    This was my first time visiting the Betty it was cute but was so
    Hoping for lots of hottie pics in their underwear but no boo but cute

    • goose

      give in another hour or two, HMOTB is coming

    • SweaterVest

      haha you obviously didnt need to let us know it was your first time visiting "The Betty" haha. we could've caught that on our own. …Long Live "The Betty'!!!!!

  • Beck

    Its Shirtless Friday… not pantless Friday. Stick around there are many HMOTB

  • BritBerrier

    #23 – NO. i did too much vodka last night…this is not what i need to see D: lol

  • holly

    #15 so awesome!

  • TylerG_76

    #13 I remember when I saw first saw this, all of us lmao'd at this part at the movie theatre. Inception was mind blowing, but Joseph Gordon Levitt stole the show.

  • http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory


  • lct

    looooove hoooooolder #40

    • kapusta


  • Irish Ali

    #35 Talented Mr Ripley is creepy but a great flick nonetheless. I also just watched Contagion with these 3 in it…. Mind. Blown.

  • Lisa

    #9 I'm right there with ya kitty. #24 EUROTRIP! Love that movie. Pretty how sums up every Sunday morning for me as grown-up hahaha.

  • bloomfever2002

    #11 is Intensely yummy

  • bloomfever2002

    #11 is intensley yummy

  • haeddre

    #35 great movie… A favorite!

  • B. Davs

    #33 omgggggggggg it's love!

  • LAskygurl

    #9 !!!

  • KelGreen

    #7 makes my back hurt

  • Catence

    #16 – it is ridiculous how hard this made me laugh! haha

  • LizinCostume

    #11… I want to go to there! More please!

  • Candice

    #24, Eurotrip!!!

  • http://www.funnycrazyclips.com/ Charlette

    Do you have awesome/random photos for the BERRY Break?

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