Daily Awww: Check out your C-U-T-E pets! (48 photos)


Your pets are adorbs! Thanks for sending these along. Happy Monday, Berries! -Emily

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  • Mattlanta

    #1, #13 tooooo Cute!!

  • Ginger

    #36 Looks like she had a fantastic time! #4 and #5 LOVE the pibbles!!

  • Kyle

    #23 I named my dog Bear Bear too :)
    Although she was a Chow/something mix.

  • http://www.hellomissniki.com Niki

    #47 is by baby girl!!!! Thank you Berry :)

  • Shara

    #38 is my Little Boy! Thanks Berry!!! You made me smile big time today :)

  • Sarah

    #2 is by far the cutest!!

  • SadeShadz

    #1 #11 ♥ #45 Awesome!

  • Suzuki

    #2 – This dog is the cutest!! He looks like he's in Paris. I'd love to see more pictures of him!! What's his name?!

  • Ash

    #21 is so cute! Got to love little corgy's:)

  • edna

    nice to see pitbulls in the mix <3

  • Keri

    #23 that's my baby boy!! Thanks for putting up his picture :)

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