• Silverfire4200

    Makes me wish I could do something more than slick my hair back into a ponytail. When I win the lottery I will have a live in stylist I think:)

    • Kay

      when i win the lotto i will buy myself an island and never worry about getting dressed or doing my hair ever again and just live in solitary surrounded by beautiful things and books! and the berry of course!

  • lekjviger

    I love #28 !

  • annabanana

    #13 love

  • goose

    #17 i'm sorry, but no

    • Extra

      exactly what i was going to say.

    • Kourtney

      Get with the times. I have my hair like this and it is FAB .

  • Savannah

    #25 so bright. I think it's beautiful.

  • Candy

    Any ideas for girls with curly hair?

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