• Suri


  • Axy

    His daughter sounds like a real bitch.

    • Cari S.

      I am looking at various webpages and I felt the need to apologize to you.
      I'm not a b***h, I promise! I was extremely, extremely tired and didn't give as much thought to my tone as I should have. I HONESTLY had NO idea this video was going to go viral. I didn't think it would "go" anywhere but the welcomehomeblog page I sent it to.
      So, anyway, though I don't know you, I just wanted to say sorry that I came off that way. I love my Daddy very much, and HE knows that. Take care

      • Haleah

        You don't sound like a bitch at all, I don't know what that person is talking about, you don't need to apologize for anything!!

        • Cari S.

          Well, thanks. I just didn't want the negativity to go unchecked; especially when I can kinda (sorta) see his point.😦 I respect my father tremendously and when I told him about the above comment, he told me to blow it off because it really doesn't matter; and he's right.
          I just felt the need to clarify that he's very much respected and that my tone had nothing to do with anything but exhaustion.
          Thanks again.

          • inAK

            i didnt notice anything until i read that comment. and you know i thought it was all funny, i thiought it was all a part of the joke. it's cool that your dad and husband have an raltionship liek that! my dad would not react that way to my husband surprising him from being overseas. it's almost my turn for R&R!!

          • Karen

            It was awesome to see that kind of emotion from an in-law. I'm even proud of your daddy!

  • Kells Bells

    Damn! Dude is lucky to have a father-in-law who likes him that much! In-laws aren't usually that …um…loving.

    Congrats and Welcome Home, Sir! Thank you for your service!!

    • JESSE

      seconded. what an awesome welcome home. They aren't even related and he gets that kind of reaction, what an awesome father-in-law

  • Amy

    That was awesome:)

  • Charlotte

    Gah,dammit Berry, making me cry again!

  • ray

    I don't know how to respond. My father in law is an asshole. What is that he does to his son in law? Why is he squeezing him with his arms? What is this? Whats happening?

  • inAK

    hmm, that must be amazing to have a relationship like that between a son and father in-law. i know for a fact that my dad would NOT cry if i surprised him with my husband coming hom from overseas. and they get along great. some men are better at and more comfortbale with showing their emotions i think, and i wish they were all that way!

  • Karen

    Awesome! Very sweet!

  • Marti

    Awesome! what a super father-in-law! made me cry!

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