• http://www.totalcateringequipment.co.uk/ Carleen Winstead

    Do you have any awesome accessories?

  • LisaMarie

    Nr 1 is so beautiful, just gorgeous! Anyone know who it's by or is it custom?

  • Sarah

    #1 is beautiful.

    • Ginger

      Does anyone know where you can buy this ring? I LOVE it!!

  • Seldi84

    #11 #21 Awesome

  • SinCatt

    #8, I also have a ring from my Nan. She gave it to me the day before my 19th birthday, it happened to be the same day my now husband asked me on our first date. What makes it even more special is that it is an opal and diamond ring, The Hub's birthday is in October (opal) and mine is in April (diamond) I wore it six years to the day at our wedding. Though she has past I feel a little closer to her when I wear it.

  • bombtronbecky

    This post made me sad! I recently lost the ring my boyfriend gave me on our third anniversary. (We're two months to year 5!) Now, to tear my house apart trying to find it !! #1 is gorgeous, btw!

    • Maria Henderson

      Well, I hope you find it. But the question everyone is asking, is how to get this ring? How did your boyfriend buy it?

  • Suz129

    Why must I only have 10 fingers?

  • Samantha

    #8 is me. Thank you so much Berry for posting. This has made my day. Loads of love xxx

  • misschris

    Wow, you had me at #1 That might just be the most beautiful ring I've ever seen :-)

  • littlet

    where can i get #1

  • lekjviger

    #9 WANT!

  • Kara

    Does anyone know where I can buy #1 or who makes it?!

  • Nac B
  • mel

    for the love of god and all that is holy… find out where we can buy this ring!! #1

  • yikes

    #1 Is stunning… I need to know where I can find it !

  • random_username

    #12 Berry girl, did you… did you raid my ring collection? I've got one that's EXACTLY THE SAME O__O

    • sarah

      forever 21!

  • hl tahiti

    #16: WANT WANT WANT… so pretty sure it will be a $10,000 antique ring… my luck…

  • Briana

    I have to know where #1 came from so i can repeatedly send it to my boyfriend.

  • Novalee531

    Yeah I want all of these

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