HMOTB of the Week: Daniel Puckett (25 photos)

Hiya! We have another amazing HMOTB of the Week... his name is Daniel Puckett. He rocks! He's been a part of Hot men of theBERRY from the beginning. I'll let him take it from here...

Hello Berries! My name is Daniel Puckett or Dan. I was born and raised just outside of Houston, and I'd like to fancy myself representing the third coast. I moved to Colorado about a year ago, and have now settled down in Denver. I am proudly a Texan until I die...

I think I am already becoming the stereotypical Coloradan. You will rarely catch me inside on a nice day. I am happy doing any of the following: surfing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, long boarding, fishing, camping, wake boarding/surfing, disc golf, sports ending in ball, reading at the park, or playing with my dog. Most of these activities usually include the pup. His name is Zeus, and he's way cooler than your dog (jokes, kind of).

I am also somewhat of a huge nerd. I get lost in fantasy books and find myself trying to learn the most unnecessary information. I am a sucker for a nerdy girl. Yes, I am single. Someone told me I should mention that. I haven't met very many Chivers or Berries out here, so Denver Y U NO meet-up already... I love theChive/Berry community, so thanks to theBerry sisters and everyone at theChive for making my days at work not completely suck.

I'll leave you with this. Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

Here's a link to my twitter: @becausedan


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  • Jen

    nice body, danny boy!

  • thaomeow

    Well, aren't you just gorgeous?:) You should totally come back to Texas sometime!

    • @BecauseDan

      I go back to Texas quite a bit, actually… ;]

      • thaomeow

        What I really meant to say is that you should swing by Austin. A guaranteed good time.:)

  • ceej

    what. I am a native Houstonian about to move to Denver myself! awesome HMOTB right off the bat!

  • ayla_von_brandt

    Marry me?😀
    My, you're very very close to what I call a perfection :shy::)

  • Kelly

    #14 cute dog & cute guy:) Howdy from a fellow Texan!

  • DeAnna

    well, well what a cutie pie!:)

  • bubblerider86

    How are you still single?!! Cute (ok gorgeous! the eyes, the smile, and a pretty kickin bod! also nice ink!) and you seem super sweet and mega fun! Those Colorado girls must be crazy! #8 #10 #11 #25 just to name a few!😉

    • Daniel_Puckett

      Thank you, kindly!

  • aciekay

    #25 welcome to the gun show? you just added to the list of reasons i want to move to colorado.

  • Lisa

    Sweet jesus, you're gorgeous. I'm a Canadian who's coming down to Denver for a Broncos game this year (huge fan). Wanna keep me company?!😀

    • @BecauseDan

      It could happen..

  • @oofale

    hey hey now!! that's my handsome buddy!! get it daniel!! love the hmotb recognition!!!

    • @BecauseDan

      Thanks, B! Come see me soon. K thanks!

  • @BridgeBarn

    Uhhhhhh so I plan on moving to Denver…. let's hang out

  • tyma33036

    wowsa! He's super schmexxy! I'm in Denver, handsome! Let's grab drinks:)

    • @BecauseDan

      Denver berry, eh? Well, hello.

      • ceej

        Denver Chive/Berry meetup. let's make it happen.

        • Daniel_Puckett

          There's a chivette in the springs that wants to put something together. I may help her organize it soon. Keep an eye out!

  • lewoo3

    Delish!!! You should move to melb Mr. Puckett.. Just sayin' x
    p.s. lose the pants next time

  • Mmm_Ciao

    I recognize these photos #8 #17 . Nice to see some more of you!

  • loyalchivette27

    Hmmmm…. should prolly take a trip out to Denver….. Yum.

  • @BecauseDan

    Thanks for all of the kind words, people of theBERRY! Hopefully, we can organize a Denver meet-up fairly soon. I sent Emily some new pics, so they should show up soon! =]

  • Christine

    Crikey! The illusive, single, hot, sweet, nerdy guy. An endangered species!!!

  • Danielle

    I'm a Denver chivette/berry! Wash park meet up one of these weekends?

    • @BecauseDan

      I'll be at wash park this weekend playing some vball. =]

  • Googoogaga

    OH. MY. GOD.

    My dog's name is Zeus!

    And…well you sir are beautiful.

  • wow

    You are one of the most attractive men I have ever laid eyes on. True fact.

  • rocklesson86

    Just plain old fuckable.

  • Judie Shank

    He's been a part of Hot men of theBERRY from the beginning. I'll let him take it from here…

  • Haley

    Dogs are the best.
    Now I know what the berry is.

    -Haley(#2 chivette)

    • @BecauseDan

      number 2 chivette where? ;]

  • Laa

    YAY Colorado! And YAY you!

  • @MirandaKGaines

    Verrry SEXY!

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