• hendricks


    • goose

      yes, but don't be that guy

    • KMC


  • stef

    Love me some Canadian Chivers!

    • TylerG_76

      This gentleman deserves his very own post! Forget one picture, these Berries need 30 of them.

      • MariaSky100

        Indeed we do:)

        • alpha_86

          I guess I need to get more pictures… Thanks for the comments!

  • goose

    #19 does anyone else panic when they see a hot guy halfway through the Afternoon Randomness and think its really the end? and then breathe a sigh of relief when they realize they're only halfway through?

    • http://littlelovelylily.blogspot.com/ Lola

      omg yes! i have a mini heart attack each time!!!

    • Candy

      you too?!

    • TylerG_76

      I thought I was the only one.😛

  • mely

    Funny how on #13 i imaged each voice nd i cracked up on downey jr.'s voice lolz

  • Lisa

    #17 Just one more? C'mon now, MOAR we said!! And #8 is hipster level 10000 hahaha.

  • figleaf

    #23 FTW!

  • Liz_O

    #13 Hawkeye knew how this would end and stayed out of it.

  • Beck

    #1Is that girl missing her head?

  • amierose86


  • reb vinson

    Where can I get these?! i want them for my wedding!!!:)

  • bubblerider86

    #9 #16 WANT!! and can #17 #36 #40 deliver them? ok thanks:)

  • haeddre

    #26 I say that to my daughter all the time LOL
    #36 Damn, is there a photo where he DOESN'T look amazing? Just saying… I think he's beautiful!

  • Sophie

    #40 May I just say that every Berry Break with delish Dave Franco is just that much sweeter❤ noms

  • hamstarpwr

    Moar #17 ! Yum

  • Kari

    #1 … did anyone else sing the Fame theme song in their head??

  • Jenny Michele

    #4 I bet those windows are fun to clean.

  • Susan

    #39 made me smile:)

  • Danger Johnson

    what company does pools like #2

  • BritBerrier

    #14 – i love that feeling:)
    #25 – damn straight!

  • MeganC12

    #19, where you at??

  • Sophia

    #5 was hilarious!

  • Mari

    #4 just found my dream kitchen!

  • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

    hahahahaha…. loved them all😛

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