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  • Mal

    #38 That depends, how much is there? I have plenty of student loans to pay off, but I would love to help my family with cabin expenses. And I love shopping, but I would buy stuff for me and my family most likely, or else a trip for us.

  • Blondame

    with #38, I would go stalk #39

  • Tori

    #38 bring my husband home from afghanistan

  • Alice

    #38 get myself out of debt, pay school loans.

  • Jules

    #15 has the most beautiful skin

  • zpadilla

    #38 First! finish paying off my parents mortgage, so they can live a happy relaxed life, they deserve it. then send them off on an awesome trip to a secluded beach somewhere. And then, save the rest to pay for my education, which I just started….. and then buy myself a small cottage in an orchard :} oh the possibilities…..

  • pyrat_dame


    Pay off credit cards.

  • Willow Bean

    #38 I would give it to my Aunt and her family. She was diagnosed with Dercum's disease and has a lot of debt as the only American doctor who specializes in the disease is in California and she lives in Minnesota.

  • ima_cowgirl

    #38: Would take my co-workers out to dinner. With the rest: 1/2 to scholarship fund for biology students in need and 1/2 towards helping needy pets, such as the dog of a veteran that needs life-saving treatment etc… Found money should be passed on.

  • DesertLorelei

    #38 Invest it so I can help my sister go to college without worrying as much about debt as I have to.

  • Gill

    #38–Pay my granddaughter's college costs. (She's three) That may cover it in 15 years..

  • Jordan

    As far as the stack of cash… I'd make it rain.

  • Ashes

    #38 MAKE IT RAIN!

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